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Welcome to Annapoorna Farm.

We believe this is a special get-away from the hustle-bustle of a metro and for those who would like some ‘interaction’ with Mother Nature – either active or passive!

Spread across an expanse of 21 acres, Annapoorna Farm is a small place as far as agro-tourism ventures go, but there is plenty to do if you wish – you could go for nature walks, bird watching, fishing at the river, vegetable or fruit picking, smoke your fish or barbecue a chicken or farm-fresh vegetabless. But then, you need not do anything at all either… spend your afternoons lounging on the hammock and beat the stress away. 

The food is simple and organic and we have some special lip-smacking dishes lined up for you.  

We are open to any suggestions you may have to improve your stay and to ensure you really have a wow time.

Come and have a great time. We guarantee it.


Team Annapoorna




14 km from Karjat.

Family Trips, Corporate Events, Group Get-to-gather.

Bhimashanker Trek, Peth fort trek, Kondana Caves, Ganapati temple at Kadav & Lord Shiva temple at Vaijanath.